5 Mile Veg Experiment 

What might it be like if your food was grown within walking distance of your front door?


For the last two years we’ve been growing veg on the farm through the summer and autumn for our meat box customers. We like growing veg and can see real benefit in expanding production for some local families.

As part of it we want to understand how people engage with food as part of the experiment and what (if anything) might change once they have spent six months buying very local produce.

We’re looking for families within Five Miles of the farm to sign up for weekly or fortnightly veg boxes during the summer (late June) through to Christmas 2018 . We’ll work with the 20 families on how we set up the service (pick up, delivery, contents, pricing etc) and also on how to record your own journey as part of the experiment. 

5 miles from the farm is includes Cowbridge, Llantwit Major and the edge of Bridgend.



Our FarM

St Brides Major
Vale of Glamorgan
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