Burger Bar 

At Slade Farm we pride ourselves on having the best burgers in the Vale! To share the joy of a good burger we have our own mobile grill that we take to events and hire out for private parties. 

If you are running a local event and want quality local produce for your visitors to enjoy then get in touch. Or if you are celebrating a family party or post wedding BBQ get in touch and we'll see what we can do! 

Sample Menu: 

Slade Farm Organic Beef Burger (onions optional) and White Rolls/or Brichoe Rolls

Slade Farm Organic Beef Burger and Cheddar Cheese Slice and White Rolls/Brioche Rolls

Slade Farm Organic Pork Sausages (onions optional) on Hot Dog Rolls 

Book Us 

Give us a call on 01656 880799 or email graemesladefarm@gmail.com