OUR Story   

Slade Farm has been tenanted by our family since 1976 .  We have been farming organically since 2000 and started selling our own produce in 2007.  Throughout the year we manage the farmland to work in sink with the natural habitats.   We farm cows, sheep & pigs, all managed with the highest level of welfare.  


Our cows have calve in the spring, ensuring when they are born there is plenty of new grass for them to feed on.  Our calves stay with their mothers until they are around 9 months old.  We find keeping the cows and calves together for as long as possible reduces stress for both the mother and calf alike.



Farm visits are available throughout the year, we can cater for big & small groups.  For more details have a look at our Slade Safari Website.  If you are a monthly meat box customer and would like to come & visit we will show you round at anytime, get in touch!