Farmhouse Recipes

Here is a couple of our favourite recipes we hope you like them! 

Mutton Curry.jpg

Mutton Curry

Mutton is very easy to cook and super tasty all you need is time.  All we do is buy a curry sauce (our favourtie is Balti) and put in a pack of mutton and some leeks and/or carrots to pad it out and a cup of so of water.  Then cook it all in a covered casserole dish for about 4 hours at 150 degC.

Our diced mutton is sold in 450g freshly frozen packs.  Packs are about £6.50 each. 

Beef Wing Rib.jpg

Roast Beef

We like our beef medium rare.  Simply turn the oven on to 240 degC for the first 20 mins then 190 degC from the remaining time.  All our roasting joints are best cooked for 40-44 mins per kg. Add any veg under the joints makes very tasty roast veg, but does make making gravy more of a challenge!

Our Everyday Joints per kg:

  • Top Side -  £16.49
  • Silverside - £15.75

Our Special Occasion Joints per kg:

  • Wing Rib - £25.50
  • Sirloin - £31.00
  • Rump Roast - £25.00

We recommend 250g per person for the topside, silverside, sirloin and rump roast & 350g per person for the Wing Rob joints. 


Roast Pork Joints 

Our pork joints always make the best crackling, which the kids love.  Pork should always be cooked well done, 66 to 70 mins per kg.  230 degC for the first 15min then 180 degC for the remaining time. 

We recommend 350g per person for joints on the bone and 250g per person for joints off the bone.

  • Shoulder Boned & Rolled - £11.90/kg
  • Shoulder on the bone - £8.90/kg 
  • Leg Boned & Rolled - £13.50/kg
  • Leg on the bone - £12/kg
  • Loin Boned & Rolled - £16.50/kg 
All cooking is a matter of time. In general, the more time the better.
— John Erskine